Saturday, February 5, 2011

Books, Band-Aids, Colored Pencils, Rain Boots

Gonna make this one short because I am trying to speak less.  LOL!  :)
  • Uganda trip is booked for March 9 -23.
  • BOREHOLE in progress.  Yes, fresh water for the village is in the works.  To be finished with in the next few days.  Unbelievable!  Rain in the village.  I am taking my rain boots!
  • "Books for Bugabo" drive begins Tuesday at Harbor Christian Academy.  Collections due February 18th.  I already have 30 books for the library.  I hope to have 150 and the money to transport them at the end of the book drive.
  • Seeking health-care professionals for basic health supplies.  Letters delivered waiting for hearts to be moved.  If you have health supplies like you would use at home, and you would like to donate, email me!  Bless you!
  • Walmart lovingly donated some school supplies, but I am also still collecting them.
  • The Thrift Store has been selling me great clothes for 25 cents an item for the kids, teachers, and community leadership.  Isn't it funny how those that have the least to give always give it without hesitation?
  • I am traveling with 4 bins so far: #1 personal stuff, #2 books, #3 school supplies, and #4 medical supplies.  We need another for sponsored children's items.  Don't we?
  • Sole Hope will be on the ground in Bugabo at the beginning of March!  Gonna be dancing in some new some in the village!  Go away Jiggers!
  • Ryan is still working on folktale interviews.  Looks like I am going to be doing a few when I am there, too.
  • Teachers and Tours Sojourners is doing great organizing my teaching at Makerere University.
  • SIFAT Two Week Workshop Scheduled for May!  So blessed to be learning from such an experienced organization.
  • Jewelry still held up in tariff tango.  Hoping the USPO gets its act together soon.  You will love what we have coming to raise funds for health education.
  • Soap for Hope is not Dead.  It is just resting for a while.  Story to be continued when Two Birds Soap is born and can fly!
Want to be a part of this trip?  There is so much need.  Mail me, and we can talk about what you might do to help.

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Be blessed.

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